Is the Data SIM card enough?

Is the Data SIM card enough?


1GB and 5GB are two kinds of data cards introduced by EZ Nippon; these products are focused for users who went to Japan frequently. What kind of special attentions do we need for the usage of data cards?


iOS and Android are divided into two systems.




  1. Background app refresh


Set the path: Settings >> General >> Background App refresh, please turn off this feature.


  1. Turn off iTunes and App Store automatic update and mobile data update


Set the path: Settings >> iTunes and App Store, turn off automatic download and use of mobile data


  1. Turn off the location service (mobile phone positioning will also use the mobile phone base station to assist GPS positioning, speed up the positioning speed)


Set the path: Settings >> Privacy >> Location service, turn off the location service function, you can manually turn on when needed.


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi assistance (iOS 9 included or later)


Set the path to: Settings >> Mobile network, turn off Wi-Fi Assist at the bottom of the page.


  1. Turn off the iOS version of Facebook movies automatic play


Please click on the bottom right corner >> Find the settings below the page >> Account settings >> Videos and photos, in the video setting, set the block that will automatically play to “never auto play videos.”




  1. First, set the Data limit


Please go to settings >> Data usage to set your data limit every day.


  1. Close the Android version of Facebook videos autoplay


Please click on the top right menu >> find the page “application settings”; in the “autoplay” selection choose “never autoplay videos”


  1. Turn off the Play Store auto update


Please expand the left menu >> Find the settings below the page and select “Do not update the app automatically” in the automatic update app.


  1. Turn off automatic synchronization


Please go to the settings >> account and sync >> uncheck the “Automatically sync data” option in the menu at the top right.


  1. Turn off Google Photos Autobackup

Please open the built-in album: album 相簿>> Expand the left menu >> Settings >> Backup and sync >> Change the backup photo to “Wi-Fi only”.