EZ Nippon Pre-Paid SIM

Prepaid SIM for Japan Travel

  • Top-rated in Japan. Fastest internet! Best service!
  • No daily data streaming limit. No speed limit or reduction! No need to return and no deposit necessary!
  • Supports calls and messages for Line, WeChat, FaceBook and Skype!
  • Fast NTT docomo 4G / LTE-A internet. Maximum download 300 Mbps, maximum upload 112 Mbps
  • Easy to operate with three simple steps: activate card, change SIM and set APN.
  • Please be aware that usage begins as soon as the card is activated!!
  • Each product comes with a colored manual with pictures, three-in-one adaptor card and a SIM storage bag.

Enjoy the Top-Rated, Fastest Mobile Network in Japan!

  • EZ Nippon provides the fastest mobile network in Japan by integrating NTT Docomo 4G cell sites with K-Opticom!
  • Winner of various accolades:
    • MM総研大賞2015 MVNO類別 最優秀賞
    • RBB TODAY broadband award 2015 No.1 連續9年/li>
    • 「RBB Today 2014 格安SIM大賞」中,獲得「綜合評比」、「通信速度」 與「客戶服務」最優秀獎項!
    • オリコン日本顧客満足度No.1
    • 価格.com 2013 供應商滿意度排名No.1 連續6年