Activation and Setting

Can I use EZ Nippon on a 2G/GSM device?

No. This service cannot be used on 2G/GSM devices.
I’ve heard that SIM cards come in many different sizes. How should I pick?
EZ Nippon provides a standard size nano SIM (apporx. 8.8mm*12.3mm). You may also purchase adapter cards according to the specifications of your device.
What is card activation? And why is it so complicated?
Because the Japanese authorities need to protect against improper usage of pre-paid SIMs. The user must first provide basic personal information, and then enter their serial number to activate it. Click here for information on the full procedure.

What is APN?

Setting the APN will allow your device to recognize the network it needs to connect to. Finish setting the APN after your arrive in Japan to enjoy the best and most fluid internet experience.

  • Click here for a detailed guide for iOS description files
  • Click here for a detailed guide for setting Android APN

Is there a Chinese version of EZ Nippon activation User Page?

The activation User Page is currently available in English only.

I have purchased EZ Nippon in the past, do I still have to activate it if I purchase a new one?

Yes, because the serial number is unique to each card. Please activate it again.